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Let’s enjoy cooking Japanese OKAZU!

Would you be interested in adding tasty Japanese OKAZU into your cooking repertoire? OKAZU means Japanese home side dishes to accompany rice, such as Tempura and Miso-soup. There are some secrets to make them tasty! So we’d like to invite everyone who doesn’t usually cook Japanese OKAZU at home or foreigners who have never cooked Japanese OKAZU before, to come and let’s have fun cooking together!


This course has 3 classes. (1-day participation is welcome!)
1. 17th of Feb (Tue) 2. 13th of Mar (Fri) 3. 23rd of Mar (Mon)
10am to 2pm each
(Time for eating and cleaning is included.)


Cooking Japanese home dishes, OKAZU for lunch
All classes will be done in English and Japanese


6,000 yen (For 3-day participation) 2,500 yen (For 1-day participation)
If you need to cook for your kid(s) (age 6-12), 1,000 yen per parson will be cost for ingredients.
※You will be required to pay a fee for cancellation from three days before the class.


Kyoto YWCA

Please Note

Reservations are necessary. Each class accommodates a maximum of 8 people.
The course needs at least 5 people to open


Please call, email or fax to Kyoto YWCA and give us your name and phone number.
The deasline to apply is 1 week before the class starts.


Takako Hatanaka(A member of Kyoto YWCA)

Please bring

Apron, hand scarf (something to cover your hair)

お問い合わせ 公益財団法人 京都YWCA
住所 〒602-8019 京都市上京区室町通出水上ル近衛町44 
TEL 075-431-0351(代) 
FAX 075-431-0352 
E-MAIL office@kyoto.ywca.or.jp
開館:9:00 ※貸室利用は10:00 〜