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The restaurant UraraCafe is a so-called community café operated mainly by volunteer workers. UraraCafe intends to serve as a place where people of different ages, including infants and elderly people, and different cultural backgrounds gather and exchange and collaborate with each other. UraraCafe is established to contribute to the creation of a multigenerational multicultural community where people of different ages and cultural backgrounds live together in peace.
UraraCafe hopes to be a cozy restaurant for anyone – local citizens in the community and volunteers working at the Kyoto YWCA, residents living in the Kyoto YWCA building (girls, elderly women, and female foreign students) – and help the people gathering there to develop friendly relations which inspire their daily lives.
UraraCafe offers healthy delicious lunch, organic fair trade coffee and handmade cakes and cookies. Visitors may have opportunities to participate in various events held there.
Our restaurant’s space is a room with an antique nostalgic atmosphere which was designed by the famous architect William Merrel Vories about 70 years ago.
Please come in and experience the delicious lunch and coffee and hospitality like no other.

UraraCafe is open

11 am to 4 pm, Tuesday to Saturday


Daily lunch special: 650 yen
Coffee: 200 yen
Cake and cookies: from 170 yen